Sue Wintgens - Transforming relationships

Changes to our Professional Trainings

In June this year we held a 3 day advanced training for professionals in the work we do and because of conflicting events we had 4 people participating. This was a surprise to us – and yes, a disappointment because we are passionate about teaching this wonderful way of working to as many people as possible. However, right from the beginning we both had a sense of the universe speaking to us and by day two it had become clear that we were flowing in the joy of teaching at a new level –deeply appreciating the space that only such a small intimate group affords. By the end of the training we saw our new direction opening up clearly before us for this chapter of our life’s work. It was in many ways an old lesson re-learned in a new setting i.e.; give yourself whatever you need to do your best work!
We understood that we thrive as Guides with smaller groups because it gives us the time and space to really take the journey with couples or trainees in a very intimate way – encouraging, mentoring and challenging them to move back to their authentic selves. Investing ourselves in this way opens the potential for amazing leaps of healing and growth which was certainly true of this group.
We want everyone we spend time with to have that sort of deeply nourishing, transformative experience and so from this autumn we will be offering these limited opportunities to people who value the chance to deepen their own personal journey and skills within an intimate setting.
We believe passionately that in offering our life’s work to couples and others we are not only giving our gift to the world but also honouring the surging wave of people reaching for new, more authentic ways of being based on a deep understanding of our intrinsic connection to the universe.