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events_bulletFree Learning Circle

A monthly free web gathering of helping professionals to share thoughts, inspiration and find some answers.

8 March / 19 April  / 17 May / 28 June


events_bulletRelationship Matters Couples Workshop – 17-19 March 2017

Couples know implicitly that there has to be a better way to do their relationship – especially those sticky, challenging moments.

This retreat will give you and your partner the time to slow down and, through re-connecting, make exciting new sense of your relationship! As you work together exploring your relationship in this new and innovative way, you begin to experience transformative changes… a real before and after. Click  here to read more…


events_bulletCPD Training London – 24 March 2017

‘Coaching people to speak their truth’ – deepening your skills of helping clients to speak from their hearts rather than their heads where true transformation happens.


events_bulletTransformative Couples Therapy Training – January 2018

Learn the art and science of connection!

It is our belief that as we courageously live and teach healthy connection and essence to couples, that the impact of this relational maturity will ripple out from each couple in ever widening circles of connection to impact the world.

This course, Transformative Couples Therapy Training, run at the Kairos Encounter Centre, is a chance to invite yourself into the adventure of exploring deeply your own world, releasing areas where your own energy is blocked and gaining a clear map of how to guide couples towards deep connection and joyful aliveness. Over the months you will have the opportunity to grow in your understanding of the Relational Paradigm through the art and science of connection. You will increase your capacity to guide couples from content and into the creative relational space that lies between them where true transformational change happens.

The Transformative Couples Therapy Training will focus on:

  • A deeper understanding of the Relational Paradigm
  • Exploring couples therapy centered on the  “encounter”
  • The role of the couples therapist, and how to use themselves in the therapeutic process
  • A focus on not only repairing but joyful aliveness.
  • Seeing the potential of change in the “space-between”
  • Tracing the effect of intergeneration in the       intimate connections
  • Establishing limbic resonance and regulation between partners
  • Helping couples learn the language of the “other,” in order to know how to express emotional intimacy verbally, physically and sexually.

To register your interest email:


events_bulletHedy and Yumi Schleifer’s Adventure in Intimacy Couples Workshop

Learn effective communication skills, and “dissolve” relationship problems at Hedy and Yumi Schleifer’s all inclusive residential couples retreat, called the Adventure In Intimacy. This workshop teaches you skills not only for transforming your marriage/partnership, but also for creating stronger connections with your kids, extended family and colleagues. The more couples learn to apply these skills to all of their relationships, the more and easier it will be for our communities to become more vibrant, and more pulsating with life.


events_bulletEncounter-centered Couples Therapy Training with Hedy Schleifer

We are excited to present Hedy Schleifer in her new clinical training under the auspices of her recently established Tikkun Learning Center. The training provides 21 CPD hours. Through lectures, in vivo demonstrations with couples, video clips, group discussion and Q&A sessions, Hedy will invite you to leave the training with new tools, increased expertise, enhanced skills, and a clear vision of how to achieve an even more relaxed and responsive therapeutic stance with your couples.