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A Realisation, and the Fulfillment of a Dream

Yumi and I have come to an important realization: none of us is wounded.

Yes, we go through pain.
Yes, we go through darkness and suffering.
Yes, sometimes our heart gets broken.
But “we” are not broken.

We are a hero and a heroine on the heroic journey of the triumph of the spirit. Read more…

The Freedom of Getting Off the Wheel

“On Tuesday I got off the wheel” is the last line of a poem by Mark Nepo titled Thinking like a Butterfly. It was given to me by a friend after I told her the following story.

“Eleven years ago, a TV series was shown on Israeli TV. It was called Couples Therapy. It followed three “grey-haired” couples therapists, each employing their own method, while working with a couple. There were seven episodes following the therapists over the course of their journey with the couple. I was one of the grey-haired couples therapists.” Read more…

Break Free and Connect Powerfully with Your Audience

“Today I was supposed to speak for 60 minutes… I looked at almost everyone’s eyes, and I felt very comfortable. The first 5 minutes I saw the cold, staring, emotionless looks… and I DIDN’T CARE AT ALL!!!!! That’s because of your work!!!! Such a gift, and soooo happy!!!” says Carla, one of the attendees at my Presenting with Boldness training this past January in Miami, Florida. Read more…

Humankind… BE BOTH!

How long does it take for 3000 Muslims and Jews to cross the bridge to each other and unify? It takes less than one hour!!! Read more…

Among the five of the best reasons to attend the Adventure in Intimacy Couples Workshop

“The space between the couple is the playground of the child”. This picture, titled “Our space, their playground, our lives…” was sent to us by Yamel and Al, a couple who attended our June 2013 Adventure in Intimacy workshop in Miami, Florida. What a joy it was for Yumi and I to be teaching again after our official leave. Read more…

Bridging the Gap: the “Third Option”

“Help us!” says one of the sisters to my friend Penny.

“The conflictual division that has occurred since the elections has devastated our family emotionally,” says one of 8 sisters in a family where there is a gap in the middlefour sisters voted for Hillary Clinton, and four sisters voted for Donald Trump. Read more…

The Ten Commandments for Committed Loving Relationships

1 – Honor the Bridge: There is an invisible bridge that connects us to our partner, and this bridge allows us to visit them, and get to know them and “learn” them. Become bi-lingual by learning the language of your partner.
2 – Honor the Space: Our relationship lives in the “relational space” between us. It is like a garden whose soil we are tending. The space between us is the playground of our children. Keep the space sacred. Read more…

5 BEST REASONS to join Hedy and Yumi in Chesham, UK

We are writing to you in anticipation of our Adventure In Intimacy workshop for couples in Chesham, UK on 23-25 June 2017.
Josh Gressel, PhD, who organized our Monterey, California couples workshop for 12 years, has a very unique perspective on the value of the workshop. From a letter he wrote, here are the 5 best reasons for which he encourages his community of couples to attend the workshop. Read more…

What if America were a couple?

“Stop!” I say to the couple.
I say it strongly. I say it decisively. I say it emphatically.
My hand comes down between them, and I say Stop!
What am I stopping?
I am stopping 13 minutes of their toughest, most loaded conversation. I want to teach them a guiding principle, how to embrace the power of connection. And to do that I first invite them to enter into the “nightmare” of their relationship. Read more…