Sue Wintgens - Transforming relationships



Counselling is an act of courage in which you admit you don’t have all the answers you would like and are open minded enough to find a safe place to do some work in finding your answers!

I keep a limited amount of space to work with people who are looking for a place to slow down and reflect with me on their life. I have come to trust that conflict ,whether internal or with another, is growth trying to happen and is a helpful pointer within your internal world where you long for more integrity and alignment with who you really are. 

How does it work?

Through a mixture of learning about new body-brain research, good conversations and an expanding self-awareness, you will find yourself on an exciting learning experience that will open your eyes to many more choices you have in life. This exploration helps you to move from reacting to life as you experience it to consciously choosing how you want to be in any situation. You can choose to work from 1-3 hours and you will decide when you feel ready to finish. Many people value their experience with me and come back for M.O.T’s every now and then.

What will I learn?

  • How to use self-awareness to increase the choices you have in your life.
  • How to communicate in safe and effective ways.
  • How to look at relationships from a new, more empowering perspective.
  • How to maintain healthy emotions and outlooks.
  • How to empower yourself to reach towards your potential

Cost: £80 per hour

Simply complete my online enquiry form or call me.