Sue Wintgens - Transforming relationships

Kairos Transformative Couples Therapy Trainings

Sue and Brett have been involved in presenting and teaching couples how to connect and create intimacy for many years and more recently Sue has also been involved in introducing and teaching helping professionals the core principles and skills of working in the precepts of Encounter centred Couples Therapy, teaching them how to create ‘presence’ in themselves and in couples. Read more about Sue and Brett.

It is their belief that as they courageously live and teach healthy connection and living in full essence to couples, that the impact of this relational maturity will ripple out from each couple in ever widening circles of connection to impact the world.

The next CPD trainings are:

Guiding Couples Through an Intensive Session – 8-11 November 2018

Guiding Couples into Transformation – 22 – 25 March 2019

 kairos_logo_smThe Kairos Encounter Centre collaborates with professionals to present the opportunity to learn how to work with couples using the principles of the EcCT i.e.: working in the relational space between the couple.


About the Trainings:

This Transformative Couples Therapy Trainingis an intensive training program that is inspired by “Encounter-centered Couples Therapy” (EcCT) Hedy Schliefer’s major contribution to the art of working with couples, and is taught by Sue and Brett Wintgens.

“Sue Wintgens is a magnificent teacher of the Relational Paradigm. She is one of those rare people whose voice speaks from the depths of her soul. Sue informs, inspires and delights.”
– Hedy Schleifer, Master Therapist and creator of Encounter centered Couples Therapy.


See Hedy in action!


Here is what Sue and Brett are saying:

“ We deeply enjoy working with  groups of therapists, coaches and helping professionals, who are excited at the thought of working on their own growth edges. Our aim is to teach and guide you into working deeply in the Relational Paradigm using EcCT, releasing and reclaiming your energy in order for you to be even more fully present with couples and individuals. Participating in such a training reflects your commitment to take steps at your growth edges as a helping professional and person in the service of evolving your own relational intelligence and maturity.”

Over the course of the training you will have the opportunity to reclaim your blocked energy, grow in your understanding of the art and science of connection. You will also increase your capacity to guide people from content into the creative relational space where true transformational change happens.

Small groups allow a high level of personal development along with a ground-breaking structure of Intensive sessions that gives a effective map orienting you as you guide couples towards transformative change.

Sue and Brett are available to present:

  • An Introductory Training in EcCT
  • a 5 day advanced training in EcCT
  • Continuing Professional Development days
  • Bespoke trainings by request 

If you are interested in inviting Sue and Brett to present and teach in your area then click here to register your interest.