Sue Wintgens - Transforming relationships


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We all benefit from gifting ourselves with resources and support at crucial times in our lives when we are consolidating new ways of thinking and being. Mentoring gives you the chance to recruit Sue as your personal coach and mentor for this significant time working on a monthly basis for approximately 6 months. This enables you to experience an intense season of self and skill development as a professional. It can be done with only yourself, or you and a chosen other, in a face to face setting or using an internet platform and includes:

  • Each session is followed by an email from Sue with resource materials to read or investigate enhancing your previous session’s themes.
  • A total of two 15 minute calls between sessions.
  • If desired, up to six 10 minute clips of you at work with clients followed by a gathering of the rich learnings embedded within each clip.
  • A 10% discount on any events for yourself or a guest e.g.; Couples workshop and trainings.

The cost is £810 per person for six 1.5 hour sessions over approximately 6 months. Another person/partner may join the Mentoring process for an additional 20% – total cost for 2 people is then £970.

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