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Who’s Afraid of Couples Therapy?!

‘There are few tougher clinical challenges than confronting the entrenched hostility, dashed dreams and raw pain of troubled couples.’

So starts the beginning of a webcast given by an assortment of top couples therapists. They are right – as anyone who works or has tried to work with couples will tell you!
Many good therapists have launched out into the first experience with a couple hopefully confident in their skills and experience of empathetic listening, validation and insights only to find that the volatility and intensity of the session could quickly engender feelings of powerlessness, confusion… and dare I say it, angry frustration!…Continue reading

The Space Between

Lately my explorations have led me unexpectedly into quantum physics and quantum biology yet let me hasten to add, not because I have ever seen myself as terribly interested in science… or rather the science I learnt in school and the science that seems to so often be trivialised in the media in sensationalist headlines…Continue reading