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Testimonials for Kairos Encounter Centre

What people said about Kairos Encounter Centre

“Sue and Brett take trainings in couples work to a whole new level where growth, change and playfulness are going hand in hand.”

— S.V.R 2016

“If this is the only training you do all year, go for it! It’s amazing.”

— D.H 2016

“If you only have time and money for one training,make it this one!You’ll never regret it…its life changing!”

— D.H 2015

“If you feel you want to do it, if you are curious, DO IT!”

— 2015

“A passionate, inspiring and incredibly valuable training led by two exciting and genuine trainers who are travelling the journey themselves which makes the training all the more real.”

— P.T 2015

“For the training I have been extolling the virtues of connection and this being a thorough grounding in helping couples connect.”

“This course is absolutely a must if you want to learn how to create connection in couples relationships! The trainers are highly experienced and qualified and provide a warm and safe space to explore and grow…”

— S.V 2015

“I would unreservedly recommend this course to others!”

— B.T. 2015

“You come away with fresh perspectives, some of which you never knew existed”.

— GR 2013