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Connection Quadrant

What is the Mini Intensive – The Connection Quadrant?

For some couples a 2 day Connection Intensive is just not possible and so the package of Mini Intensives makes it possible to do the same work through a short course of Mini Intensives over a period of 4-8 weeks. The focus of the Connection Quadrant follows the theme of the 2 day Connection Intensives .

* Please note: Relationship traumas(affairs, death,financial crisis etc.) are best done in the 2 day Intensive Making Amends. The ending of a relationship is best done in the 2 day Goodbye Intensive.

The sessions are built as follows:
1. First Mini Intensive: 4 hourscouple_holding_hands
Looking at your aspirations for your relationship. Learning from your unique conflict pattern and experiencing the 3 Invisible Connectors.
2.Second Mini Intensive: 3 hours
Connecting your biographies to make sense of the present.
3. Third Mini Intensive: 3 hours
Owning your survival patterns and how to change them into moments of connection
4. Fourth Mini Intensive: 3 hours
Seeing how conflict can enhance your relationship/moving forwards.


The cost of the package:
There is a non refundable deposit of £595 upon booking which includes the payment for the first and last sessions of the Connection Quadrant. Thereafter sessions 2 and 3 are £260 each payable at the end of each session.
To book your Connection Quadrant please email