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Professional training


Sue trains Therapists, Coaches and other helping professionals who want to know more about how to work with the Relational Space with Individuals and Couples. This approach based on Encounter-centered Couples Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Memory Reconsolidation is earning increasing recognition and is an innovative way of making a new sense of relationships.

Deepen your confidence and skill level as a Couples therapist, Coach or professional through an exhilarating blend of experiential work, personal exploration and new skills.  You will gain a clear map that  allows you to rapidly and effectively increase the sense of intimacy and connection between two people.

Transformative Couples Therapy Training

The art and science of connection!

It is our belief that as we courageously live and teach couples how to move into connection and relational maturity, that the impact of this new experience will ripple out from each couple in ever widening circles of connection to impact the world.

This course, Transformative Couples Therapy Training, is a chance to invite yourself into the adventure of exploring deeply your own world, releasing areas where your own energy is blocked and gaining a clear map of how to guide couples towards deep connection and joyful aliveness. Over the months you will have the opportunity to grow in your understanding of the Relational Paradigm through the art and science of connection. You will increase your capacity to guide couples from content and into the creative relational space that lies between them where true transformational change happens.

The Transformative Couples Therapy Training will focus on:

  • A deeper understanding of the Relational Paradigm
  • Exploring couples therapy centered on the  “encounter”
  • The role of the couples therapist, and how to use themselves in the therapeutic process
  • A focus on not only repairing but joyful aliveness.
  • Seeing the potential of change in the “space-between”
  • Tracing the effect of biographies in the intimate connections
  • Establishing limbic resonance and regulation between partners
  • Helping couples learn the language of the “other,” in order to know how to express emotional intimacy verbally, physically and sexually.

Please note: Participation in the  workshop“Bridge to Intimacy” for couples, or a private Intensive prior to this training is highly recommended to provide you with the embodied experience of this work.  Those with previous IMAGO training are invited to contact me directly to discuss this recommendation.

I also offer one-on-one and group consultation to support you as you explore, integrate and deepen your work.

See Hedy Schleifer, a Master Therapist in Encounter centered Couples Therapy, in action: