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A Realisation, and the Fulfillment of a Dream

Yumi and I have come to an important realization: none of us is wounded.

Yes, we go through pain.
Yes, we go through darkness and suffering.
Yes, sometimes our heart gets broken.
But “we” are not broken.

We are a hero and a heroine on the heroic journey of the triumph of the spirit.

Carolyn Myss, a medical intuitive, has coined the term “woundology” to describe how we sometimes define ourselves by our physical, emotional and social wounds. Carolyn says that this identification drains our physical and spiritual energy. Rather she proposes that we hold ourselves rigorously accountable for choosing life again and again. This vital realization now informs all of our work. (Our NEW Adventure in Intimacy workshop is based on this premise.)

In the beginning of our journey, when we were new at being co-presenters, Yumi and I used to clumsily step on each other’s toes.

One night Yumi had a dream. He saw us skating gracefully on the ice, as if we were Torvill and Dean, the 1984 British Olympic Gold Medalists.

Now we know that this “wild dream” that Yumi put on the horizon 25 years ago has been realized. Our work now has the grace, coherence and integrity of our own relational maturity.

We wish you many magical moments of connection in 2018.

With deep gratitude for having you in our worldwide community,

Hedy & Yumi

P.S. We invite you to our NEW Adventure in Intimacy workshop in the UK on the 26-27 June 2018!

We are now focusing exclusively on the very core of what connects us as a couple, at the deepest level, essence to essence. Our workshop empowers you to embrace the “three invisible connectors” in a way that creates transformational learning. It now brings you our entire integrated journey as a couple.

For more information and to register, visit or contact Geoffrey in our office at 305-604-0010. He is there to assist you. For the UK events please contact Sue Wintgens on 07814409631 or

We look forward to seeing you.

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