Sue Wintgens - Transforming relationships

‘Relationship Matters’ – Couples Workshops

This  effective and transformative workshop is for couples who want to  improve, repair or move their relationship forward – and want to find a way to do that. Whatever stage your relationship is in, on this workshop you will find ways to help you reconnect with each other and help you move forward.

  • Find how to use conflicts as pathways to closeness, healing and growth
  • Revitalise your relationship with new tools and skills
  • Begin to dissolve your relationship problems and grow closer
  • Feel the joy in ending destructive cycles with understanding and compassion
  • Feel more deeply connected to your partner
  • Be empowered in turning a new page and starting afresh. 

This is a unique opportunity to come away and in a peaceful setting have a team of wise, compassionate people gently guide you into reconnecting and seeing your relationship with new eyes. Together with a small group of couples you will see how all couples face some of the challenges you have faced and how some radical new understanding can help you experience transformational breakthroughs.

Couples are often surprised and relieved to see their own issues reflected in others’ stories and appreciate the time, space and freedom to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable with in the gathering. You will leave with a wealth of information and experience to use to shape a more satisfying future .

Many couples tell us that ring-fencing the time to give their relationship some much-needed attention was the best thing they ever did!

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