Sue Wintgens - Transforming relationships


Going South or Going North?!

Why is it so much easier to snap and climb in our survival suit of defensiveness than it is to be thoughtful and relationally mature? This very morning Brett and I had a scratchy breakfast simply because I was trying to say something important to him that I was feeling anxious about and it felt like he wasn’t really listening (for goodness sake, we teach this listening stuff!!)… Continue reading

Your Relationship is your Biggest Asset

Recently Brett and I had our 19th anniversary as a married couple and we were reflecting on the richness of our relationship and more specifically the warm, steady open-hearted climate that we enjoy. We have learned over the years to be joint Keepers of this climate, and indeed see it as our sacred space, and it has gradually dawned on us that taking moment-by-moment responsibility for that sacred space is one of our individual and joint spiritual practices.

Why, you might ask, is this such a big deal?… Continue reading