Sue Wintgens - Transforming relationships

About Us

Sue and Brett came to England from South Africa in 2002 and have been married 20 years. They have 7 children between them and currently 12 grandchildren, although this number is continuously growing! Their unique story comes from their early experiences as children living in the profound disconnection of Apartheid South Africa, the lessons gained in building their own relationship and their vision to teach and guide people into connection. Their story informs their work personally and together as a couple creating powerful couples’ workshops and trainings with a passion for inspiring others and themselves to live in connection from their essence. They have taught and presented in the UK, Holland and South Africa.

Through their joint passion to understand personal transformation and the power of presence they have road tested their understandings, applying them to their own lives and relationship of more than 20 years. They have come to understand that people thrive in connection and their passion is in helping people and couples into connection and transformation.