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 Intensive Contract

This is the online contract for your Intensive. Please read it carefully and sign below before attending your Intensive. If you have any questions my assistant, Sarit will be happy to assist you.


Transforming Relationships

BACP Accredited

Online Intensives

Working remotely is an amazing facility that allows so many to access resources as they need them. Here are some factors that you should be aware of that affect online work.

  • Although I maintain confidentiality, you should understand that any online material once launched is never completely inaccessible. I use Zoom as my online platform which has a HIPAA rating for security. Please ensure that you secure your computer and emails against unauthorised viewing by third parties. It is recommended that you only use a private computer and not a work or public computer. Please ensure you keep your anti-viral protection up-to-date and I will undertake to do the same. Turn off or disable any unnecessary applications, particularly those that may frequently connect to the internet and ensure that your computer is regularly checked for computer viruses and spyware.

  • I usually record sessions so that the couple can have a link to that recording and am happy to send the link to you. Let me know however if you prefer not to be recorded.  I do international clinical training and I will always check with you if I would like to use a clip of your recording. You are welcome to accept or refuse!

  • If our session is interrupted by an internet failure on my end, the time will be made up at my earliest availability. If our session is interrupted by internet failure on your end then I will do my best to offer some time at a reduced charge of 50% to complete the work. In the event of my falling sick I will let you know as soon as possible and offer new appointments at the earliest convenience.

  • You will need equipment that will support a good online experience (please see the Tips for Online Intensive Session Information Sheet)

  • As a member of BACP I am bound by the BACP’s ‘Ethical Framework for good practise in Counselling and Psychotherapy’ and practice online under UK laws that may differ to other countries.

In Person Intensives

Some important thoughts about our Intensive together:

These thoughts are to help you clarify some important things as we work together.  Our relationship is very important to me and all the points below are to enhance this ‘safe place’ that we are creating together.

  • I keep strict confidentiality about our session, the only exception being if I believe you to be in real danger (e.g.: suicide risk), or if you pose a real physical risk to someone else.

  • In the event of my falling sick or anything else unavoidable, I will let you know as soon as possible and offer new appointments at the earliest convenience.

  • I regularly attend Consultation with a Master Consultant who helps me monitor my caseload as well as issues of ethics. Your details are however kept anonymous and clients benefit from the added insights of this consultation process.

  • If you are uncomfortable about anything either in a session or arising from a session then please do bring it into the next session, as this is extremely useful to both of us!

  • As a member of BACP I am bound by the BACP’s ‘Ethical Framework for good practise in Counselling and Psychotherapy’.

  • This Intensive is designed to start you on a new chapter in your relationship journey and you are welcome to come again at any time you feel you might benefit from some more guidance. You are the best people to decide the rhythm of your journey!

  • As part of my ongoing commitment to excel and improve my work I would like to contact you for a short review around 6 months after our work together comes to an end.

  • If there are any other questions that you have please feel free to bring these up in any session and I will be happy to answer them. I look forward to working with you!



Thanks for submitting!

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