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Supporting Your Success

Couples are all unique in the support they need after the jump start of the 3 day Reconnect Intensive. While some couples never look back others feel more secure knowing they can return for specific challenges. 

Coffee Date


Couples usually report a significant positive shift from the foundational Reconnect Intensive, and yet sometimes there is one issue where they feel stuck and in need of support. It may be a challenging historical issue such as a relational bruise ( an affair, betrayal or death) where you would like support in resolving the event. Or one or both might have decided to bring the relationship to a respectful end – the Goodbye Ritual. Other couples choose to come in yearly to explore the new growth and exciting horizon that are beginning to appear. 

  • The Amends Intensive - Heal after a deep relational bruise, such as an affair, and make amends 

  • The Goodbye Ritual - If you are parting, gift each other, with a space to say Goodbye.

  • The New Chapter Intensive - Strengthen your Relationship with an exploration of moving into a new phase together.


This after-support deepens and enhances the transitions you have experienced allowing your confidence to grow in your ability to hold anything that happens in your relationship.

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