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My Journey

My journey through voluntary work in a church, on into psychotherapy and later specialising in couples work has been both challenging and fascinating! In couples work I began intuitively to help partners of all genders, (we all have masculine and feminine energies within our wholeness), taste stepping into that sacred, creative place of their wholeness and essence. From that place breakthrough was natural using an embodied ritual of being fully present called Hosting and Visiting. Around 2020, a new wave of wisdom began to push through in my own understanding and relationship which I now understand to be the first fierce wave of balancing out of the pervasive threads of hierarchy woven into the tapestry of each of our lives, and towards a dimly remembered freedom of wholeness.


Image by Jeremy Bishop

By 2022 this wave had shaped itself into a whole new dimension of Fierce Compassion – the much needed partner to Tender Compassion. This experience allowed a radical shift in both myself and my teaching towards an expanded, spacious wholeness, freeing myself step by step from my own many subtle hierarchical way of thinking and being – an ongoing life journey! With each step, a new experience of a balance of being that felt authentic, real and nourishing unfolded.

By 2023 I knew that I was called to create a space for individual women to feel supported as they took their own Heroine’s journey towards re-membering their original wholeness and that spark of divine light we all carry as humans.

And so the Woman’s Medicine Circle Circle was birthed….

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