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“I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to experience Sue’s loving presence both as a guide and a trainer and most importantly as a companion on my journey. She has this amazing ability to stay present and attuned with a big smile; and like a wonderful therapeutic juicer squeeze out all the goodness, wisdom and essence of one’s narrative and relay it back in her language in a remarkably digestible and impactful manner!”

- R & D 2021

Thank you immensely for this experience you shared with us. It is something we will remember forever.

– R & A  2021

“We are doing good as a couple and DEFINITELY much better after our Zoom adventure with you . It seems like something has shifted and we know it has got to do with your intervention.”


I am so grateful for your patience and care of us over this last two days – I am beyond grateful to you for the understanding that you have weaved between us. What a gift you are to humans and couples with your kindness and magic.

- KAS 2020

“If I could magnify it a thousand times a would! Thank you so very very much for your guidance, your courage to overcome your own Survival Suit that has allowed you to become such a powerful force for change and growth, and thank you just for you.“

- JW 2019

“I would like to thank you for your everything you did for us. The workshop was an incredible experience for our life as a couple, but also on a personal level. You are a truly gifted and special lady! I look forward to putting everything we learned into practice, and to sending you a positive update on our progress.”

- CH 2019


Sue can take on the most complex and heavy topics in her teachings, like trauma, abuse or high conflict. Her unique approach - weaving principles, theory and research into practical 'hands on' work - always leaves you as a participant with a sense of lightness and empowerment.

J.M 2021

Sue takes supervision to a whole new level, always honoring 'having a plan and welcoming the path as it emerges': she is always open to welcoming whatever comes up and transforming it into a gateway for new learnings.

I.A 2021

Sue has a unique way of teaching the rich and wonderfully complex universe of Encounter centered Couples Therapy through her own rich experience of guiding couples. The result being highly practical, directly applicable and truly inspirational for your own couples work and relationships.

J.M & I.A 2021

“I learnt so much about helping couples to feel consciously connected.  Sue’s calm and motivational approach coupled with her love for her work is truly inspirational.  A training not to be missed.”

H.R 2020

“I deeply appreciate the training Sue gave last month. She is a beautiful, gentle, insightful, curious presenter and a gift to her students.”

SV 2020

“I have attended every single course put on by KEC and always gained so much. They are stimulating, challenging and also great fun and have definitely enabled me to feel more competent in both working with couples and also in my work with individual clients. Go for it!”

DH 2020

“This course inspired me all over again to guide couples towards connection.”

T.O 2020

“If you only have time and money for one training,make it this one!You’ll never regret it…its life changing!”

D.H 2015

“I would unreservedly recommend this course to others!”

B.T 2015

“A passionate, inspiring and incredibly valuable training led by two exciting and genuine trainers who are travelling the journey themselves which makes the training all the more real.”

— P.T 2015

“Life changing, inspirational, hugely valuable for myself and future relationships – thank you”

— E 2013

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