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The Kairos Encounter Centre is the training arm of Sue and Brett’s vision to present training and support in the Relational Paradigm by request to therapists, coaches and other professionals. Sue’s extensive experience as Therapist and Trainer, supported by Brett as a Coach, makes the trainings innovative and richly rewarding. They also participate, as graduates of Hedy Schleifer’s Masterclass, in the learning and ongoing evolution of working with couples in the Relational Paradigm called Encounter-centered Couples Transformation (EcCT).

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Guidance & Inspiration

Continuing professional development is vital in keeping our passion and clarity alive and we believe that each event can be fun, inspiring and nourishing! 


New Perspectives

Need a safe space to bring your questions? I offer individual private sessions and small group sessions for helping professionals in a relaxed and curious environment helping you to connect with your own inner teacher and expand with new perspectives. Grow your confidence and enjoyment in your work within a community of practitioners who are warm and hungry to learn together.​


Grow With Us

We regularly offer new trainings by request, online and in person. Our vision is to offer inspiring, welcoming and innovative training for helping professionals looking to expand and enrich their confidence and enjoyment of their work.

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